Shaolin Kungfu is not only an important part of Chinese martial arts, but also the world’s heritage of civilization. As cultural exchange and understanding is promoted in the modern world, there is an increasing tendency of communications between nations, religions, countries and cultures. The Shaolin culture itself is the outcome of ancient cultural communications. Meanwhile, it has played a significant role in the Chinese nation’s and world’s civilization integration. Under the leadership of Abbot Shi Yongxin, Shaolin Temple now attaches more importance to international cultural exchanges and Shaolin cultural spread in order to benefit ourselves and others as well as give help to people and the society.

As an important part of the Shaolin culture, Shaolin Kungfu is rich in contents and varied in styles. Since ancient times, Shaolin culture has been placing great emphasis on cultural exchanges with foreign countries. In fact, Shaolin culture itself comes to full development in the very course of constant cultural exchanges and integration. With the technology development and increased international cultural exchanges, the Shaolin culture has been spread overseas with a wide range of cultural exchanges.

Under the circumstances, Overseas Cultural Center was established by China Songshan Shaolin Temple. The purposes of Overseas Cultural Center are to preserve and promote the healthy and comprehensive development of international Kungfu cultural exchanges; to present information about its featured way of life; and to guarantee the truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of spreading and passing on Shaolin Kungfu.

The management system of Overseas Cultural Center offers membership to all Kungfu enthusiasts, trains and certifies Daoguans and Kungfu instructors throughout the world, so as to provide a channel for communications between Kungfu enthusiasts, and to guarantee the truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of spreading and passing on Shaolin Kungfu.

The Overseas Cultural Center has three main objectives:
1. To unite with people from all walks of life in a joint effort to spread the Shaolin culture throughout the world;
2. To promote international cultural-exchanges and enhance mutual understanding and trust;
3. To maintain the completeness and accuracy of the Shaolin culture.

Overseas Cultural Center maintains the following principles:
Protect and spread the Shaolin culture;
Manage and operate the Shaolin culture in the modern business scheme;
Invest the business profit in the Shaolin culture protection and charity projects.

The core values of Overseas Cultural Center are benevolence, enlightenment, boldness and progressiveness.