Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau was built around 1217 AD, 800 years ago. It had been closed in the late Qing Dynasty due to the frequent warfare. In 2004, Shaolin Temple resumed the institution of Shaolin medicine, and incorporated Shaolin Yaoju Co. Ltd. It is a research institution for rescuing and protecting Shaolin medicine culture, with the main work to systemically regulate and explore medical relics. It combines traditional Shaolin medicine with modern medicine so as to better protect these treasures and benefit people. Shaolin Medicine takes “meditation” as the basic means, employs the doctrines of respiration, Qi and blood, meridians and collaterals, viscera-state, etc. as main theories, and adopts the approaches of "contemplation", "aeration", "massage" to diagnose, treat and nurse the patient. Some famous medicines are Shaolin Glechoma Longituba, Shaolin Huoluo Plaster, Papaya pills puerarin, Shaolin Foshou Kunbu Capsule, etc.