The Development of Shaolin Monastery in the 15 Centuries to Come

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*Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin

I promise I will never stray from the guideline that what I am going to do in the interest of the monastery shall tellingly benefit the development of the monastery in the fifteen centuries to come. The crux of the matter—so far as this promise of mine is concerned—is, of course, the orientation of the monastery’s development. As I see it, if we want to directly tackle the crux of the complication confronting us, such problems as fall into the following three specific categories need to be taken into serious consideration:

<1> The 1st category encompasses problems which are closely related to the setup that would ensure a safe and stable inheritance of Shaolin culture: The improvement of the hierarchical structure of the sangha of Shaolin Monastery is of central importance to the said setup. Xueting Fuyu (雪庭福裕), an abbot of the monastery during the Yuan Dynasty, founded the hierarchical system of Zisunmiao (子孙庙) which, as a scheme for guaranteeing the preservation of religious lineage and hierarchical order in the monastery has been at work without any interruption since the system was created.

<2> The 2nd category encompasses problems which are closely related to the setup that can optimally acclimatize the sangha to a life of self-cultivation within the precincts of the monastery: Effort needs to be made to optimize the way the sangha is organized to pursue self-cultivation for the purpose of turning the monastery, as the place of origination of the Buddhist Chan Order, into “the center of Chan self-cultivation” in contemporary China.

<3> The 3rd category encompasses problems that are closely related to the modus operandi with which the cultural influence exercised by the monastery can be amplified: Further efforts have to be made to sponsor charity, to host academic exchanges, and to organize the publication of religious and academic works.

In a word, the monastery must adopt a fully down-to-earth approach in tackling the problems specified above.(From My Heart My Buddha)


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