Shaolin Culture Presented in Sochi For the 1st Time

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During the first two weeks of March, Shaolin culture was presented for the first time in the famous Olympic city of Sochi, in Russia.

Following the 2014 Olympic games, Sochi has became a very popular natural resort on the spectacular Caucasus Mountains, as well as an international center in hosting sports, artistic, cultural and corporate events.
Master Shi Xing Mi conducted talks on Shaolin Chan philosophy applied to modern life, to over 400 enthusiastic people, many of whom also attended a Shaolin Qigong and Gongfu class during which Shi Xing Mi taught the methods of Shaolin heath preserving.




The organizers and the participants were all incredibly impressed by the wisdom and effectiveness of Shaolin culture in addressing modern issues in every aspect of life, from health to work. Most of them have expressed interest in continuing to study the Shaolin disciplines and in making an effort to implement positive changes in their lives.



Master Shi Xing Mi was grateful for the opportunity to share Shaolin culture with such enthusiastic people in a beautiful and inspiring natural wilderness.(Text & Photo: Shaolin Wenhua Switzerland & Shaolin Wuseng Italy)


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