Buddhist Assembly Held to Mark Ullambana Festival in UK Shaolin Xiu Center

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On the eve of the Buddha's joyful Day, in order to carry foward the filial duty and gratitude culture in Buddhism, a Buddhist Assembly was held to mark the Ullambana Festival at the UK Shaolin Xiu Center at 10a.m. on August 14, 2016. Moreover, the students of the center, the local Buddhist worshippers and Shaolin culture lovers, over 400 people attended the assembly to pray for their parents and their deceased ancestors.

At the Ullambana Assembly

The head of UK Shaolin Xiu Center Master Yanxiu and Master Guangde presided over the assembly, following the lead of them, the fourfold assembly chanted the Ullambana Sutra together to pray for the deceased ancestors escaping from the three hells(the fire hell, the animal hell and the hungry ghost hell) and entering Nirvana as soon as possible.

Chanting Ullambama Sutra with piety 

The Ullambana Assembly aims at spreading the Chinese Buddhist thought of filial duty and gratitude.

A group photo after the assembly

Finally, the assembly ended successfully at 4:30p.m., all the Buddhist votaries went home with the joy of Dharma.(Editor: Fa Xi) 

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