Statement on Impostors Deceive Visitors by Posing as Shaolin Monks

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Recently, there were some impostors deceived tourists constantly by posing as Shaolin warrior monks at Shaolin Temple Scenic Spot. At the same time, what they had done was reported online and spread quickly over the Internet, which not only misled the cyber citizens, but also brought a negative influence onto Shaolin Temple. Now the statement reads in full as follows:


一、Some content released by certain websites is unreal, which created the misunderstanding to the netizens and did a lot of harms to the fame of Shaolin Temple, as shown in pictures below:




The two monks in frock (one of them dressing carelessly) shown in the photos are not Shaolin monks, and nobody in Shaolin Temple know neither of them. Besides, wheher they are monks is still unknown.


二、All the Buddhists and visitors should be aware of being swindled.


三、As for those who harmed Shaolin Temple's reputation by publishing false and defamatory news, Shaolin Temple will reserve the rights to the legal responsibility.


Shaolin Temple appeal to all the mass media and Buddhist votaries to stick to positive words and deeds and refuse to spread or repost false news.



                                                          China Songshan Shaolin Temple
                                                                         July 20, 2016



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