Zen Stories: The General’s Antique

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A general was at home admiring a certain antique that was very precious to him. And he was very afraid that his cup would be broken one day. He thought: “I’ve led thousands of men into battle, and I’ve never been afraid in the fate of death. Why was I so frightened today by this little cup?”

Finally, the general realized that it was his differentiating “like” and “dislike” in his mind that led to his being frightened. Upon realizing this, he tossed the cup over his shoulder, smashing it to pieces.

Being concerned with gain and loss brings us the feelings of happiness and sadness. We should transcend the concepts of good and evil, gain and loss. Happiness is acting according to circumstances, whatever they may be. (From Zen Stories: The Staff and Shout of the Venerable Ones)

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