Everyone Can Attain Buddhahood

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It is true that individuals are invariably diverse. As for Buddha-nature, it exists uniformly in everybody’s essence of mind. The extent or dimensions of Buddha-nature existing in a sage’s essence of mind is exactly the same as that in a commoner’s. Buddha-nature and psyche are united in an entity. And in nothing in the universe does reside such a quality as deserves to be called “real existence”, because everything in the universe is by nature a void. Or, we shall say that “svabhava dharmata (the self-nature)” is both void and tranquil. This can be likened to the concept of sinfulness which dwells neither inside human psyche, nor outside human psyche, nor at the center of human psyche. All sentient beings are equal in terms of endowment of the amount (or dimensions) of Buddha-nature. So long as an individual can shake himself or herself free of all the “causes-and-conditions connections”, and so long as an individual can stay neutral in the face of the distinction between the enlightened and the unenlightened, such an individual can never be defeated in his or her effort to attain Buddhahood. (From My Heart My Buddha)

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